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Dandelion Are Not Weeds

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir  

Dandelion greens are some of the best to help strengthen the bones and teeth and help detox the liver. Dandelions provide the body with 535% of the recommended daily value of vitamin K, which means that it is one of the most important plant-based sources to help strengthen bones. Vitamin K is needed for improving bone density – individuals who are low in vitamin K, often suffer from a higher risk of fracture. It keeps bone mineralization in balance and helps raise osteocalcin, which controls the building of bone.
Dandelions also help stimulate digestion and bile flow and are considered a diuretic, helping to lower blood pressure and relieve premenstrual fluid retention. Researchers have also found that dandelions help promote healthy lipid profiles and suppress fat accumulation in the liver.



    Coleen Tinsley
  • Can you email me more info on what my husband can take for fatty liver and cancer

    Julie gonnering
  • I tried to order the dandelion elixir with my last order with code try30 but didn’t see where I could order just the water version. Never tasted vodka and don’t want to. I would like to order 3 of them if possible with the water. I assume it works as well. Is there an expiration date for any of the elixirs. I have star anise and black cumin seed. Thanks for your help.

    Debora Fry
  • No discount code mentioned to get free H2O bottle at checkout. What is it? And…pic of dandelion elixir shows 3 bottles for $99. Just making sure I receive the 3 for $99. If not, pic is misleading.

    Mike Slagle
  • most weeds under a tutelage of s herbalist,will know they are medicine
    when milk thistle appear in my garden, it’s time for liver cleanse. when chickweed appears, time you rejuvenate skin…
    children should be taught this knowledge…food is your medicine…overeating the wrong foods,can cause toxicity…dandelion is found in the lawn…ignorance, pouring pesticide and fertiliser in the lawn can cause death to your pets and disease…..wake up people…health is in your hand .you are responsible for your health.


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