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I have been on a mission to get healthy and to remain healthy for 15+ years.  The beginning of my journey was as simple as following a plan of nutrition then learning and implementing the steps to getting healthy. The challenge of how to remain healthy is a struggle I face each day.

TryBlue was born out of my need for an easy and convenient way to obtain so many vitamins and good things from nature and be in a 'small package'.  As I begun hearing the important benefits of Shikimic Acid, my focus turned to the natural materials where this element was most prevalent. White Pine Needles, Star Anise and Fennel Seeds which contain various strengths of shikimic acid had to be made available to promote good health and eventually piece of mind that I would be able to remain healthy. These three elixirs were my original products and I soon added Organic Dandelion Greens Elixir to provide the option to detox the kidneys and liver. Other products now include Colloidal Silver, Black Cumin Seed Elixir, Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir, Packed Purple Immune Booster, Burdock Root Elixir, Wild Canadian Chaga & Licorice Root Elixir!

Our Potent Elixirs are extracted from the highest quality raw ingredients we are able to find.  Our White Pine Needles are hand-harvested from rural Massachusetts and shortly after arriving to our brewery are put thru an herb grinder into a fine powder before processing.  The Organic Chinese Star Anise and Organic Fennel Seed and Black Cumin Seeds are obtained from the same reliable source. We harvest the Organic Dandelion Greens from a local farm near Fort Wayne and have a friend from California who provides us with Organically grown Wild Stinging Nettle. Our brewers follow strict procedures of ultrasonic extraction using Organic Vodka and filtered water. Each elixir has been lab tested for heavy metal content and none were found..  All of our products are produced by TryBlue in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Since launching TryBlue in early July 2021, we have grown but still remain small with our focus on quality and consistency. 

Our biggest challenge is helping our customers understand the importance of making TryBlue a part of their healthy routine and is not intended to be a 'once and done' remedy.  We believe the goodness in our products will result in living long & healthy. Never has health been such a topic of concern as in the past year of so. TryBlue is here to help you succeed if your goal is to GET HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY.

Thanks for trusting TryBlue!

We proudly support our military and veterans by donating to Roots for Boots! Christy's Mission is To cultivate and sustain partnerships within the community in order to provide support for the current needs of military heroes and their families, while preparing for future challenges that may arise. Go here to learn more and support this great organization located in south Central Pennsylvania.


Live Long & Healthy