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Q:  What is the recommended dosage of these elixirs?
A:  We are recommending about 1ml 1-3 times per day. Please know this is just a suggested dosage. No need to take more than one product...all three products contain Shikimic Acid. Choose one!

Q:  Can I receive a refund for the products I ordered if I simply change my mind?
A:  Yes, of course. Just notify us within 7 days of delivery and we'll email you a Return Label. When we receive your package back at our warehouse...we'll issue a refund for the purchase price minus $19 for shipping to and from your address. We can ONLY accept sealed bottled that remain unopened. If the seal has been broken we will not be able to help you.

Q:  I would like to know what your recommend to take as I have not taken the jab. Which of your products?  And in case my son took it, who I cannot talk to, what should he take?
A:  The choice is yours...preference should be given to scent/taste as well as percentage of Shikimic Acid content.

Q:  I drink star anise tea and fennel. My question is how much more will the elixir help compared to the tea? Thank you. I’m really trying to combat the shedding that the va**ed people are showering us with as it is impossible to avoid them.
A:  The Spike Protein transmission the reason we developed TryBlue.  We understand that drinking 3 cups of tea/day is a tough chore. We suggest a dose of 1ml under the tongue 1-3 times per day.  Of course, we are not medical professionals and do not give medical advice.

Q:  Do you not ship to Canada? I would love to get your product, is there a way we can make it work?
A:  No but we gave it our best shot.

Q:  How can I sell your products. Do you have a program?
A:  Enter your email by clicking on the Referral / Affiliation link at the bottom of our homepage. You will be given a link to share on your blog or Social Media page. For every purchase made using your link, you will be rewarded 10% of the purchase price.

Q:  I am interested in Star Anise, however I would like to find it in tea or powder form. I have an allergy to alcohol, and I'm not sure about organic Vodka. Do you offer any form of Star Anise that is not an Elixir?
A:  We are able to extract from the Star Anise and White Pine Needle using just filtered water for you. These can be found on the Product pages as H2O Version and require refrigeration.

Q:  I would like to know what the expiration date is on these.
A:  As long as they are stored in a cool place and closed...they should not expire. The organic Vodka acts as the preservative. Our H2O Versions which are Alcohol-Free should be refrigerated.

Q:  Why do you put vodka in the elixirs? What % is vodka? My husband and son have medications that might react to alcohol. Can they use this?
A:  We choose to extract using alcohol since it results in a most potent elixir. The organic Vodka we use is 80 proof and the elixirs are about 18% Alcohol by Volume. I believe that anybody on medication should check with their doctor prior to adding any supplement to their diet.

Q:  Is your star anise, Chinese or Japanese?
A:  We only use Chinese Star Anise and caution that Japanese Star Anise is toxic. Our Organic Star Anise comes from Turkey.

What can I do if my shipping address was entered incorrectly and the package is 'Returned to Sender'?
A:  Please contact us immediately with the correct shipping address and we will issue an invoice for a 'Re-Ship' to send your package to your actual address.  Re-Ship charges are $9.50 for orders less than $100 and $19.00 for orders $100 and over. This is to compensate for shipping out twice.

Q:  I notice a cloudiness or particles floating in the bottle when I hold the elixir up to the light. Is this normal?
A:  Yes.  Although filtering is a part of our extraction process there is usually some raw materials that remain in the finished product. There is no need for concern since this is to be expected.