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Our Elixirs are rich in Vitamin C & Suramin which is the pharmaceutical version of Shikimic Acid. We extract this goodness into concentrated formulas to fit into your busy lifestyle. Take with you when you're on-the-go!

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Star Anise Elixir

Star Anise
White Pine Needle Elixir

White Pine Needle Elixir


Fennel Seed Elixir

Fennel Seed Elixir

Organic Dandelion Green Elixir


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PINE TEA: Possible Antidote for Spike Protein Transmission

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Shedding Systems
My husband is 73 and was visited by a friend that after every visits from him my Husband would break out in bad welts on his arms. The friend finally disclosed that he had the jab, it was then that we realized it was from shedding. Nothing would make the welts go away he tried everything he would suffer for at least a week before the welts ease up. Swelling and itching on epic proportions. On his friend last visit the welts appeared within 30 minutes, I made my Husband take the Star Anise Elixir and he also applied it to the welts, with in a few minutes the swelling and itching went away. My husband now take Star Anise Elixir every day.

Debbie from Rogue River, OR


Love Love Love!
My first dropper full of Star Anise produced removal of ugly colored phlegm from my lungs. It has continued, especially in the morning. I love this product and will continue to use it! Thank you for producing it.

Mary Lou from Billings, MT

Helps with allergies.
This seems to be taking care of allergies and since I am in fitness and teach some classes and personal training with some who have had the jab.

Shirley from Round Rock, TX

Helps blood circulation and eliminates sore feet and joints caused by diabetes
I have diabetes and have noticed since using the fennel seed extract three times a day for several days I don’t have any pain or swelling in my feet or the joint stiffness that was constant.

Doug from Pocatello, ID

Helpful I took the tinctures two times a day for two weeks and got rid of Covid ! Symptoms ! After that I’ve taken them to get rid of side effects of the conditions. Coughing, drying of nose throat ! Tiredness low energy, no appetite, loss of smell and taste. We plan on Using it to help avoid the shedding ,!

Charles Rust MD from Jacksonville, FL

Great Quality Tincture for “These” Times & More!
Quality Tincture! Very pleased with my purchase to help protect me against v@xx shedding and potential impacts. So far taking once a day and will increase dosage. Also seems to be helping ease my anxiety and reduces my issues as a lifelong asthmatic. Breathing easier and overall feel better! Appreciated the fast shipping as well!
Thank you!

A from St. Charles, Missouri

I would recommend to everyone
I take it when I get home from home. When I have a light headache or light pain in my eyes or nose probably I got some spike proteins somewhere and it made me feel good afterwards.

Jocelyn from Milpitas, CA

Noticeable Difference
This arrived the same day that I came down with C++d. I am 62 and husband is. 64 and went through lung cancer 1.5 years ago. Between our C, D3 and Zinc...having the Star Anise was the best thing to have on hand. We took 3 doses a day for several days and dropped down to 2 per day and stay on 1 a day currently. The only other thing we did was add Emergency C 3 times a day almost throughout the 2wks. Once everything cleared out of our bodies and we started feeling somewhat normal again, I noticed I was actually feeling, overall better than I did before having C++d! Not only did it help us physically through C++d, it took care of the spike protein removal. I feel it kept us safe from getting any worse and certainly helped us overall. I feel quite different, it is a noticeable difference. Strongly suggest using this product!

Lisa from Southport, SC

Feel more secure
Back in June I found out that 2 of my dear friends got the jab back in May. They had not told me.. I did know about the shedding and I found out about the star anise.. I had a funny film in my mouth (felt silky) and a lot of food no longer tastes good. Well after a few weeks of taking the Elixir the film in my mouth went away and foods taste good again…I truly think my problems were caused from their shedding and I’m grateful I found this product

Beverly from Breckinridge, MN

Good Stuff
The white pine needle elixir seems to be helping my congestion & cough. I noticed a difference in three days. I may try the star anise next time.

Celia from