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The Cancer Killer We Never Knew About?

Soursop Leaf Elixir

Cancer will affect nearly 1 in 3 people at some stage in their life. With such a high rise in cancer rates, and very few treatment options (most of which leave you feeling incredibly ill and disable you for months, or even years), it is no wonder that a majority of cancer patients are turning to alternative medicine to help cure them of the disease. Nature is full of natural treatments, not just for cancer, but for many illnesses, such as the Soursop, which has been found to be 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy at attacking and killing cancer.

Why Have We Not Been Aware of This Natural Medical Treatment for Cancer?

The main reason is because pharmaceutical companies are presently reproducing several annonaceous acetogenins in the laboratory. Since you cannot patent natural chemicals, these companies are trying to re-create the chemical structure in order to make synthetic acetogenin that can be patented and marketed to its full potential. There is no money to be made for pharmaceutical companies when it comes to Mother Nature and her promising medicinal plants. Until this plant’s active ingredient can be patented in such a way that money can be made from it, these companies will not support or fund clinical studies that will help support and prove to a further extent, this plant’s miraculous effects against disease and illness. Nature is the cure, we are aware that this plant is powerful, so why not use it as a prevention and a cure, when it is available in full abundance? We don’t need a drug made from the plant, all we need is the plant itself (and I assure you that this drug will likely be FAR more expensive when it is developed, than the fruit itself).


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  • Hi Melody, We cannot say for sure but we have testimonials that suggest skin condiotions (cancer) have disapperaed from the use of some of our elixirs. Please go here to see what customers are sharing with us.

    Joni @ TryBlue
  • Is this effective for melanoma?

    Melody Ennis
  • We recommend that you visit a health professional such as a naturopath or other that can energy test what is beneficial to your body. We cannot give medical advice of this nature.

  • If you are treating a tumor in bladder how what dosage would you or could you safely give per day?


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