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White Willow Bark as a Nutrition Source

White Willow Bark Elixir

The active ingredient in white willow is salicin. Oxford dictionary says that salicin is:

a bitter compound present in willow bark. It is a glucoside related to aspirin and accounts for the ancient use of willow bark as a pain-relieving drug.

The body converts salicin into a salicylic acid, which works very similarly to aspirin.

There are other willow species that have good amounts of salicin in their bark, however, the most common one to use is white willow. The amounts of salicin in the bark are small yet very effective since it has been known to boost antisepticantipyretic, analgesic, and disinfectant properties of the white willow bark.

Willow bark also contains polyphenols and flavonoids (components with strong anti-inflammatory properties that also boost the immune system) as well as tannins (components which are rich in antioxidants, help to tone and reduce inflammation), amongst others.


What is White willow bark good for? Apart from boosting the regenerative process of the skin, making the wounds heal faster, a natural aid in a sore throat, flu, and diarrhea there are other important white willow bark health and skin benefits.

A natural pain relief

With its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, white willow bark is a useful remedy for different types of pain: lower back pain, arthritis pain, and even toothaches, all due to the salicin, an aspirin-like compound.

Reduces fever

With its anti-inflammatory properties, white willow bark reduces fever that comes with the cold or flu.

Soothes symptoms of a heavy period.

If your periods are accompanied by severe symptoms, willow bark can alleviate the pain and even minimize the mood swings that come with the hormones.

Positive effects on stomach disorders

Tannins present in white willow bark can prevent gastrointestinal disorders. It does take a while for the willow bark to take effect, but its effects may last longer than the usual practice.

Aids in headaches and migraines

Is white willow bark good for headaches? Yes, willow bark is a natural aid in headaches, due to salicin properties. Even if suffering from migraines, willow bark can be useful because it lowers blood pressure, relieving the symptoms.

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