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  • @Jovita – click the SHOP button at the top of the page. You will find White Pine Needle Elixir there!

  • We recommend our Spikes Away bundle for your concerns. Any other symptoms or conditions you are concerned about please use the self help feature (magnifying glass) to search articles and products.

  • Shari Raye Finally got a hold of you. Plz send prayers to my daughter Isabella. Took the garacel shot-hpv shot. Has had 2 hip replacements and is not good at all. She’s only 17. Prayers for her. Truly Thankful! Thank you!

    Terry Grathwohl
  • I am interesting in learning about this new products Hope will help with this scary virus and post vaccination effects

  • Interested in whatever I need to protect me (unvaxxed) and two family members who did get the Vax (x’s two jabs), help!


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