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Shedding 101 - Dr. Alim Video

What is shedding?

Here is a video by Dr Alim on shedding


What are some symptoms of shedding?

Shedding symptoms can vary depending on person, these include headache, nosebleed, tinnitus, flu like symptoms, sore throat, rashes or shingles, fatigue, menstrual issues, stomach cramps, miscarriage, swelling, pressure change etc

How long shedding can last?

According to doctors like Dr. Palvesky shedding never stops. Shedding is more severe within first 2-3 weeks after the jab. We know cases of shedding people experienced even after 6 months. There is no definite conclusive duration to shedding.

Do all people who are vaccinated will shed?

No, since vaccines are in clinical trials, there are different batches and formulation for jabs. Those who received a placebo won't shed.

What will happen to you if your partner is vaccinated and you are not?

Studies show vaccinated do have spike proteins in all their body fluids. Having physical contact could lead you to have various issues like swelling, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, menstrual issues and could even become sterile in extreme cases. Prions disease could be another issue that arises from spike proteins.

Can secondary transmission occur? (from unvaxed exposed to vaxxed then from the unvaxxed to you

Yes, it can

What happens to pregnant woman if exposed to shedding?

Miscarriage could happen. This can happen even from secondary transmission.

What can a pregnant woman do to protect herself?

There is no way to stay protected for pregnant woman using remedies, the only way is to stay away from vaxxed and avoid contact with people as much as possible. All the remedies known can only cure the symptoms or adverse effects but unfortunately miscarriage is something that can't be cured.


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