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Only Star Anise from China

Star Anise Elixir  

China has been using Star Anise for thousands of years for respiratory complaints and influenza. Its main ingredient is Shikimic Acid which can help beat covid-19, and the Covid-19 Vaccines that have Spike Protein which causes viral replication and blood clotting.

The Chinese have proven the benefits of Shikimic Acid from Star Anise over the centuries and Roche Pharmaceutical has created Tamiflu from it. In some countries it is hard to get Tamiflu and it can be expensive. Shikimic Acid from Star Anise and Pine Needles is good for combatting any virus but it is also essential if you decide to have a Covid-19 vaccine to stop blood clotting and viral shedding from the spike Protein.

The most common source of Shikimic Acid is Star Anise which is available in most Asian grocery shops. Other sources are Red and White Pine Tree Needles and Fennel Seeds.

Pine needles are also full of Vitamin C which is a good thing for a virus too.

Do not use Pine Needle extract if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant!!!!!!

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  • I’d like to buy all of it do you have a discount code for this?

  • If this is from china then it can’t get safe. Where is it manufactured. I want nothing from china

    linda duncan

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