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  • Witch ones of your products are dog friendly?
    I have two Boxers, Hans is an European Boxer. He weighs 89 lbs. and is 3 years old He has lots of breathing problems and earaches, not to mention his eyes get nasty eye gook in them in the spring and fall.
    Remington “Remy “ is an American Boxer. He is a rescue believed to be around 8 years old and weighs 66 lbs. He’s had surgery for cancer, his teeth were in bad shape and had to have some pulled. In the last year he has developed an slight Heart murmur and can’t be put to under. He can’t have his teeth cleaned and if his cancer was to return he can’t have surgery. He also has pancreatic problems and is one a low fat diet. Your products work great for people, I feel that if these products work so good for me, can I give them to my dogs?

    Melinda Bradley
  • Hi, my daughter has Lyme disease. She was NOT diagnosed for several years so the effects seem to be permanent.
    Can you recommend a product that will benefit her overall health, rebuild her immune system and chronic pain?

    Jean Sladicka

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