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Un-vaxxed Blood Clotting from Shedding???

Huge Rubbery Blood Clots In An Unvaccinated Individual - From Shedding?

What Are They Made Of? A Call For Help To Analyze

One of my Substack subscribers sent me a message asking for help contacting Mike Adams or someone who would be able to analyze blood clots. I do not know anyone who has the capability to analyze these clots and do not know Mike Adams personally. It is my understanding that even the embalmers have not been able to find willing scientists who would analyze what they were finding.

I am certainly concerned about learning that an unvaccinated person can get such blood clots with the history documented below. However, I do not exclude that it is possible. First, because of the Live blood analysis that I have seen in the unvaccinated, showing significant clotting and these huge ribbons, which I am currently assuming that they are Hydrogel carbon polymers - the same thing Mike Adams found. I am assuming, because I do not have a way to analyze these things either due to lack of equipment and laboratory access.

It has been my concern, that if undetected these structures in the blood may grow, possibly via exposure to WiFi or other external energy sources, like magnetic or light fields, in particular UV light if the Carbon is Graphene.

If I can see so many structures in one drop of blood, what else might be going on undetected in 6 liters?

I have seen blood clots like pulmonary embolism in several unvaccinated people after contact with vaccinated people and have written about my concerns in my article about shedding, that I wrote a few months ago.

 Borrowed from Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD

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