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Testimonials - Liver


White Pine Needle Elixir
I like this one because it protects against DNA damage. I also like the Shikimic Acid because it is an anti-parasitic, boosts hair growth, fights cancer, reduces acne and fights wrinkles, aids in weight loss, and detoxes liver and kidneys.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir ~ WSN is Wonderful
I love all the Elixirs. #1 I need them all. How do I know? I energy test myself for each one. The brain doesn't lie. I read the wonderful information & think about how I feel. At this time I'm using WSN more. Its boosting my cardio, inflammation, liver, allergys.
They all do for me what they are supposed to do. Just like ShariRaye says," Today we can't do enough to stay well, with everything that is coming at us." Everyday is a different experience. So I get my toolbox out to check my needs. I take Nature's Sunshine Products as well. I feel so Blessed to have these quality Elixirs available. God is so good!.

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir 
I take cholestrol medication which raises liver enzymes. Dandelion detoxes the liver. Also have heard it works on spike proteins.

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir ~ Detoxification of Liver
This product is effective for liver detoxification. I am glad to be using this product to improve liver function and to cleanse from environmental toxins.
Elixer drops are best for immediate absorption to assist body in strengthening the immune system.

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir ~ Love the Health Support!
I know that these elixirs are supporting my vessel, not only from those who chose the jab but also I know the dandelion greens are helping my liver be the filter it was designed to be & it's keeping my brain focused. Also, from my research and the information on the product, the fennel seed elixir is helping my respiratory system. Thanks for sharing these with me!

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