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21 Reasons to Enjoy Black Cumin Seed

Black Cumin Seed Elixir

Dissolves Tumor Accumulation
Has An Abundance of Vitamins & Nutrients
Supports Healthy Development In Children
Major Cold & Flu Relief
Reduces Wrinkles & Age Spots
Supports Detox
Enhances Brain Function
Accelerates Muscle Growth
Provides Sexual Strength & Stamina
Enhances Organ Efficiency
Great Post Recovery Tonic
Slows Down The Aging Process
Lessens Seizure Frequency & Severity
More Omega-3s Than Salmon
Increases Hair Growth
Kills Fungi & Stubborn Bacteria
Fights Acne, Oil Buildup & Clogged Pores
Potent Against Asthma & Allergies
Strong Effects On 0steoporosis & Bone Healing
Treats Symptoms of ADHD & Autism
Blocks Spike Proteins
Ivermectin Alternative
Kills Cancer Cells

Borrowed From Fulvic Wellness


  • @Mary – We are not able to give medical advice of course but would suggest that you read up on the benefits of colloidal silver!

  • First of all, thank you so much for your products. I so appreciate all the ones I have tried.
    Question: What could you suggest for a skin condition in the palms of my hands and wrists! I’m suspicious of dermatitis?

    Mary Adams
  • I love this so many conditions it helps with absolutely a good product.

    Gay Couch
  • i love it

    kathleen g OGrady

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