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35 Ways to Increase Your Life Energy

1. Work a job you love, find your passion and build on it.

2. Smile at people more – strangers too!

3. Eat mineral, enzyme rich organic fruit and vegetables and concentrated green powders, chlorella, avocados, and fresh raw pressed organic oils like hemp and BLACK CUMIN SEEDS.

4. Keep a positive note jar, and read them whenever you need a lift.

5. Stress LESS, learn proper breathing techniques (yoga helps with this) and start meditating (yoga helps with this too!).

6. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you’ve made. Holding onto past tensions and regrets will only make you feel heavier and reduce your life force.

7. Connect with nature daily, and clear the mind with positive affirmations.

8. Go for a walk. It is simple, easy, and helps move blood through the body, awakening the mind and making you feel alive! It is also an easy way to help flood in the good-feeling endorphins!

9. Get rid of TV (major energy reducer!)

10. Try a mono-meal fast of fruit (i.e., watermelon only for 7 days), or a juice or water fast. Cleansing the body is one of the best ways to attain a clear state of mind and whole-being.

11. Avoid all junk food (pop, chips, candy, fried foods, etc.)

12. Agree to change. You cannot expect any different results in your life unless you improve your skills and learn new, better ways to do things.

13. Eat algae and herbs, and infuse your cells with daily green juices to increase chlorophyll concentration in the body (higher oxygen = better health).

14. Step out of the box and get some Reiki energy healing. It is one of the best forms of channeling energy and getting rid of emotional blockages in the body.

15. Connect with your inner child – make art and be creative.

16. Compliment a stranger, and even compliment yourself! This is one of my favourite things to do! Tell others how radiant they are looking today, and when you look in the mirror, get rid of negative thoughts and infuse them with positive ones!

17. Dance more! (seriously, this one is a MUST!).

18. Get rid of heavy, energy-draining foods like meat, eggs, dairy and wheat.

19. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol (two things that make you avoid confronting real, true emotions, and working through them soberly).

20. Stop using plastic (plastic bags, water bottles, etc.), to help the environment and thus directly improve your future on this planet.

21. Get rid of fear, worry, and learn to LOVE!


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