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Colloidal Silver Can Help Your Plants Thrive!

Colloidal Silver

Using colloidal silver in your garden and houseplants can help control plant fungus and other infections that can kill plants and limit or even destroy crops, and – according to a ground-breaking study – can actually help boost crop yields! Antimicrobial silver is not only effective against plant fungus, but also helps increase crop quality and size.

All you need to do is add small amounts of colloidal silver to the root system, to help nourish the plant and prevent root rot. You can also spray colloidal silver on the leaves and flowers – particularly if there's a problem with plant blight or aphid infestation. What's more, colloidal silver sprayed onto tomato plants gets rid of tomato fungus, fast and it's a sure-fire cure for just about any bacterial, viral or fungal attack on plants.

Don't forget to spray your indoor house plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, as well. This not only improves the health of the plants, but it reduces bacteria and fungi that can cause indoor allergies. (Don't use plant misters with metal canisters, as the silver will fall out of suspension in solution and adhere to the sides of the canister.)

Do the Plants Know How Much Silver They Need?

The plants themselves apparently reduce absorption of the silver when high levels are used on them to control the plant blight. This appears to mean the plants only absorbed what they needed for protection and healing, and then stop absorbing the silver after protective levels have been reached.

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