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Colloidal Silver's Maximum Infection Fighting Benefits

Colloidal Silver

Ways to Use Silver On & In Your Body for Maximum Infection-Fighting Benefits

1. You can drink a few tablespoons full a day to help boost immunity and prevent infections

2. You can drink a few ounces at a time to rapidly eliminate food poisoning or other “tummy bugs”.

3. You can brush your teeth with it to prevent decay and bacterial plaque buildup

4. You can get a cool mist compressor & nebulize to help quickly heal nasty upper respiratory infections & many other lung issues.

5. You can soak your feet in it to eliminate athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

6. You can lightly spray it on your hair after washing and drying, to eliminate dandruff (Dr. Balch says many cases of dandruff are simply topical Candida Yeast infections; and silver is astonishingly effective against this fungus.)

7. You can put a few drops in your eyes to eliminate sties, Pink Eye and other eye infections virtually overnight

8. You can put a few drops in your ears to eliminate earaches in a single day or two

9. You can spray it on cuts and scrapes to prevent infection and stimulate rapid healing

10. You can spray it on burns to soothe the skin and stimulate rapid healing

11. You can spray it on shingles infections to quickly relieve the pain and trigger rapid healing

12. You can spray it on insect bites to soothe and relieve the pain, and help prevent infection from setting in

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