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The liver is constantly bombarded by outside influences, whether it be your poor eating habits, smoking, toxic environment or stressful living conditions. Removing these toxins via means of natural methods is important if you wish to restore the proper function of your body’s organs.

The liver is the main organ that retains these toxins. Although the liver will filter out a large majority of toxins, over a long period of time, it will cause chronic disease and illness in the body as a result of impaired liver function.

These 10 symptoms are a tell-tale sign that something is wrong with your liver:

Pain Above The Eyes

If you have a headache that forms behind the eyes, it may be associated with liver issues because of body imbalances. When food and blood isn’t properly digested or filtered, your body will react with inflammation behind the eyes.


A classic sign that liver disease is present, is when the skin and whites of the eyes start yellowing. This happens when bilirubin (a type of bile) that is normally removed from the liver is allowed to build up, and colors the skin.

Constant Nausea

When your liver isn’t working properly, it is common to feel some form of nausea, since the liver is directly related to your digestive system. Keep a track of which foods you are eating, and when you experience nausea. It will likely be the case that when you eat foods with a higher toxic load, that you will experience more nausea.

Bright or Pale Stool

Your stool will be brighter than usual or extremely pale if you have liver issues, because when the liver isn’t working, very little bile is being released. Less bile in bowel movements results in stools that look different than average.

Bitter Taste In The Mouth After Eating

When you eat food, the liver normally releases bile to break down food into digestible pieces. If your liver is failing, you might notice a bitter taste in your mouth after eating food (as a result of your liver releasing unusual quantities of bile).

Bile Attack

If something is wrong with your liver, it is probably secreting bile in abnormal quantities. If this is the case, you will likely feel a rush of bile that moves through your gallbladder, and it may feel tender or painful for a few minutes. A bile attack is a good indicator that the liver isn’t working well.

Chronic Fatigue

Feeling chronically tired and exhausted usually means that liver problems are present. When the liver isn’t healthy, it can’t detoxify blood efficiently. Your blood transports oxygen throughout the body, so if the blood is “sick” so to say, then it won’t perform this task as efficiently. As a result, you’ll notice fatigue throughout the day.

Hemorrhoids or Varicose Veins

When the circulatory system starts to fail, varicose veins and hemorrhoids manifest as a result. As mentioned above, an unhealthy liver encourages poor circulation, which will result in high visibility of veins along the skin.

Pain Under The Shoulder Blades

Your liver sits just below your shoulder blades along your backside. If the liver can’t properly secrete bile, you will sometimes feel pain across your upper to mid-back area.

Stomach Pain After Eating Too Many Fats

The liver also functions as an aid to help digest food. When you finish eating a fatty meal, those lipids cannot be digested well by the liver, and you will usually get a stomach-ache as a result. Avoid this problem by eating a plant-based diet low in refined and overly-processed food-stuffs.

What can you do to help your liver?

The best way to ward off liver problems is by leading a healthy lifestyle and reduce alcohol consumption. Regular exercise, plenty of water, and consuming a mostly plant-based diet (high raw would be optimal) will help your liver optimize nutrients and stay viable for a good portion of your life. If you smoke, you should quit, and consider reducing the amount of processed foods you eat every day, as well as reduce consumption of wheat and dairy. A 1 liter jar of lemon water in the morning will also help flush out toxins and make your liver work less.

Our Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir can help!


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