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Colloidal Silver From the Natural Health Library

Colloidal Silver

Can bacteria build up a resistance to Colloidal Silver?
No, it's never happened because it can't happen. Organisms build up a resistance to things that are not natural, like drugs. They don't build up a resistance to any part of nature, or all bacteria (good and bad) and everyone's bodies would eventually build up a resistance to every vitamin and mineral. Silver is only a mineral, a part of nature. Nature doesn't build up a resistance to itself.
3 doctors in US
I found 3 medical doctors in the US in 3 different States (I don't know if they even know each other) who absolutely insist that the mineral silver is an essential nutrient that our bodies need, like iron or selenium, and that the part of the body that utilizes silver is the immune system. This, plus my experience with my family/friends/clients over 21 years has convinced me (personally) to treat silver as a supplement, not just a therapeutic health condition treatment.
CS as antimicrobial:
Colloidal silver is NOT an antibiotic, it is an antimicrobial. An antibiotic is one bacteria killing another. An antimicrobial is a substance that kills pathogens (bacteria, viruses, etc.). You have stomach acid in your stomach partly because it is an antimicrobial designed to keep pathogens from getting into the digestive system.
I once talked with a friend who knows a lab technician in Germany. He sent some of my colloidal silver (that he made using my 1-gallon brewer) to this technician. The technician phoned him from Germany and asked, "Where did you get this stuff! It's amazing! It absolutely kills every single pathogen!"
In the "Colloidal Silver" folder of our library I have research articles concerning the effectiveness of Colloidal Silver concerning:
Influenza, gonorrhea, ear infections, scarlet fever, Ebola, fibromyalgia, MRSA, anthrax, Black Mold, bubonic plague, Hepatitis, malaria, staph, tuberculosis, mycoplasma, fungi (Candida, etc.), Swine flu, C0vyd, pneumonia, adenovirus, H1N1, e-coli, Lyme disease, MS, cancer, AIDS/HIV, plant health, tissue regrowth, Crohns disease, ulcers, athlete's foot, water sanitation & air purification, Cystic Fibrosis, blood clots, Vaccinia virus Infection, burn treatment, gum & tooth health, lung issues, uses on the skin, osteomyelitis; using silver with socks, pajamas, paint, shoes, food canning & food storage containers, swimming pools, use with children and the elderly, with animals, as a hand sanitizer; Plus, the use of silver with oxygen, DMSO, iodine, cayenne pepper, Tea Tree oil, oregano oil, etc.
-Terry Chamberlain

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