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Nine Smart Colloidal Silver Uses

Colloidal Silver

#1 – When getting sick is NOT an option
I know — like getting sick is ever an option, right? But when coming down with fever or the sniffles would be really inconvenient, consider giving your immune system a helping hand with colloidal silver. Just follow the product’s directions for non-acute use, which means drinking a very small amount of the solution each day.

#2 – To kick stubborn infections
Whether it’s a lingering cough or a low-grade sinus infection, colloidal silver can give your immune system that final surge it needs to put rogue microbes in check. In this case, follow the product’s directions for a more acute dosage over a limited period of time.

#3 – On cuts
You can get topical gel versions of colloidal silver that are very useful for keeping cuts, scrapes, and other minor wounds from becoming infected. To use, rub a little bit of the gel onto the wound like you would with an antibiotic cream and then cover with a band-aid. I mix with Aloe Vera Gel!

#4 – Nasal rinse
Ever seen the little tea kettle-like contraption that folks use to clean out their nose? That’s called a neti pot. And if you use a neti pot – or have been meaning to try it – adding colloidal silver to your neti pot solution can help with chronic sinus problems. You can also buy vertical spray bottles of colloidal silver to squirt directly up into your nasal passages.

#5 – For yeast infections
Get rid of the itching, burning, and discharge associated with yeast infections. To use, create a wash by mixing one tablespoon of colloidal silver with water and apply it the same way you would use a douche product. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it works – most people report nearly instantaneous results.

#6 – Topical acne treatment
Using either the liquid or gel version of colloidal silver, rub it directly on acne-infected areas. Alternatively, spot treat acne by dabbing it on the affected area after cleansing. Note that to get to the root of acne, its essential that you address gut health.

#7 – Eye infections
You can use an eyedropper to put colloidal silver directly into your eyes. Folks have reported great results for treating pinkeye and other infections this way. Put a few drops in each eye several times a day until infection subsides.

#8 – When traveling
When traveling by air, safeguard against infection by using a spray bottle of colloidal silver. To use, spray your hands, face, and into your mouth. Do this every couple of hours while flying.

#9 – For your furry friends
Maybe it’s a gunky eye or a festering wound. Maybe it’s old age and dental problems. Chances are good that some point, your pal will require some sort of infection-busting assistance. Colloidal silver works on your pets just as well as it works on you!

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