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Properties of Dandelion Greens

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir

Bitter and Pungent

Calms - kapha due to dry, liquefied, mobile and clear nature
Calms -pitta due to cold, dry nature
Aggravates vata in Excess due to cold and dry nature.

Cleanse And Detox
Energy Vitality
Heart Circulation
Blood, Kidney Bladder, Urinary
Liver Gallbladder, Weight Loss

Suppress appetite
Stimulates peristalsis

Bowel Health
Breaks up hard stool
Stimulant laxative

Cleanse and Detox
Internal detoxicant

Energy & Vitality
Stimulates energy

Immune System
Anti inflammatory and immune calming as in Rheumatic diseases
Anti microbial

Heart & Circulation
Alterative (that work to restore the proper function of the body)
Blood Thinner

Kidney & Urinary
Lithagogue (breaks stone)
Irritates kidney

Liver & Gallbladder
Liver protective
Liver tonic

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