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Using Colloidal Silver with the Elderly

Colloidal Silver

There are several specific advantages in using Colloidal Silver as both a treatment and an illness-preventative with the elderly.

Several doctors in the US are convinced that silver is an essential nutrient needed by the body, like iron and selenium. They call silver “The Immune System mineral”, and are convinced that the lack of silver (along with all the other minerals) in our modern farmland soils are a major contributor to the radical increase in auto-immune diseases today. Because many elderly people have compromised immune systems, the addition of Colloidal Silver to their diet can be a life-saver.

There is increasing alarm by doctors concerning the growing epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria being found in their patients. However, these antibiotic-resistant bacteria die just as quickly as any other bacteria when in the presence of silver.

Another important factor is Colloidal Silver’s safety. When the FDA was asked to cite any reports of anyone having any kind of toxic reaction to any amount of Colloidal Silver, they replied that no such reports could be found. Many people, especially the elderly, report allergic and toxic reactions to antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver has been hailed by doctors as ideal for eye drops, nasal spray or drops, ear drops and to gargle with. Colloidal Silver has been reported by doctors and other health care practitioners to be effective against ulcers, sinus infections, burns, various skin ailments and eruptions, and is unequaled as a cold and flu treatment and preventative. Many people have reported a 90% decrease in colds, flu and other winter illnesses when daily ingesting Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver has no known toxicity, and does not react with any medications. It can be taken alone or combined with any food or drink without decreasing its effectiveness.

Considering how amazingly effective it is, it is the most economical illness-preventative therapy available today.

~ Terry Chamberlain from The Natural Health Library

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