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Testimonials - Allergies


White Pine Needle Elixir ~ Powerful
I have suffered from allergies for 24 years as a U.S Army Veteran and taken over the counter medications that would help relieve my allergy symptoms for 6-12 hours at a time which was fine with me, then I realized that these over-the-counter allergy meds by" big pharma" are not good for me and started to fail me, so I decided to give White Pine Needle extract by TryBlue a try, the results were phenomenal! I haven't had any allergy symptoms this year, so in other words I've been allergy free for the first time in 24 years! I will continue to use this product and recommend it to friends and family! God, bless you TryBlue and salute you!!!

White Pine Needle Elixir ~ Sinus Allergy Relief
The white pine needle really helped with my constant sneezing and runny nose. Only take once at night before bed and sleep very well.

Colloidal Silver ~ A True Healing Product
When Spring comes, I always experience sinus infection. I don't take any western medicine just herbs and essential oil but it doesn't fully help me with my sinus problem. I start taking the colloidal silver the other day. I take it after each meal (3x/day). After a day of taking colloidal silver, my sinus infection went away and I feel great. My husband starts taking it today and he has a really bad cough esp upon waking up in the morning and constant heartburn. He has been taking anti-acid medicine. After taking colloidal, he found a relief right away. He consumed bottles and bottles of anti-acid and it looks like his more than 20 years of heartburn problem with prescription drugs from several doctors but no relief, He finally found a relief from Colloidal Silver. Next in line is my son who has a severe food allergy and eczema. He will try the colloidal silver after dinner tonight. I will be purchasing a bottle or 2 of Colloidal Silver. OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS - THANK YOU TRY BLUE.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir ~ No More Allergy Nose
I bought this product because I have seasonal allergies and wondered if this product would help. Much to my delight, whenever my allergies start running down my nose, I use this product, and all is well!

Packed Purple Elixir ~ Use it on a Daily Basis
I use this everyday even when I get an allergy attack. I strongly believe in Echinacea and elderberry as a strong defense against germs that breakdown your defense system. Love the product and faithful to it’s purpose.

Packed Purple Elixir ~ Everyday Allergy Relief
Love the Packed Purple Elixir. Mild tasting and all day long relief! I would recommend for anyone have allergies to trees, grasses and dust!

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir ~ Allergy Problems
The Wild Stinging Nettle has helped my husband and our grandson with their allergies. We are so very pleased with this product!

Dandelion Greens & Roots Elixir ~ Perfecta Trifecta
II have been using three of the Try-Blue elixirs. The Fennel Seed Elixir, Black Cumin Seed, and the Dandelion. I don't know if the benefits I am seeing is because of one, or the combo of all three. Usually when we move into spring my sinuses are a source of misery. To the point that they are swollen, and affect my teeth, causing them not to fit together normally for chewing, and to ache. Not so this year. Not even a twinge of pain. I still have some slight allergy symptoms, but nothing serious. Who knows, maybe with continued use even those will dimmish!


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