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Testimonials - Arthritis

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - Great product
It helps my arthritis and my back pain that I have after major back surgery in 2016.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - Like the Product

Helps with allergies and arthritis pain.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - My Thoughts
Hi I didn’t start taking the Black Cummin seed elixir when I first got it, it was going to be for my Mom, who we lost on July 5th 2022, I was to late in ordering it. However I’m taking it for my arthritis, and my toe nail fungus. It seems to be helping with some of the arthritis, but nothing on the toes yet. I’m going to have my brother take a bottle of it, and see if it helps with his cancer. He has some days he can’t go anywhere because his leg joints hurt him to much. I am taking the star anise as well. Is there any of your other elixirs I should have my brother take for his cancer. Also do any of your elixirs help with males having ED, if so I would like to try it as well. Thank you !!!!!!!.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - I like it
Noticed a marked improvement in my arthritis, especially in my hands. Had to cut back on the full dose though; seemed to cause loose bowels in me. Am taking 1/4 -1/2 dose now only twice a day but still having results.

Colloidal Silver
Started taking Colloidal Silver a few months ago. Sinus problems, arthritis are better and I haven't been sick with colds or anything. Seems to work great!!

Star Anise Elixir - Elixirs
I am currently using Star Anise/White Pine Needle. I feel it's protecting me from spike proteins/shedding from loved ones and the public. I noticed using the white pine needle has helped the inflammation from my arthritis among other benefits. Good products but wish it was more affordable so others can reap the benefits!

Star Anise Elixir
I combine this product with the White Pine Needle and the Dandelion and I feel that my joints aren't as swollen and sore as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis since childhood.

Burdock Root Elixir - Arthritic Pain & Stiffness
With starting out taking small amounts to be sure of no adverse effects. I have noticed that the pain and stiffness of arthritis in my hands has lessened and even the mucus of my allergies has lessened. I am going to up my dosage now.

NOTE: From Verified Customers


  • So glad to hear this is helping your son.
    I pray he continues to get better back to 100%. Praise the Lord!!!

  • I bought both the white pine needle and the dandelion for my son. He had the vaccine and now has leukemia and has had a heart attack. With the chemo he is having other issues especially his liver. He started taking your products about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Talked to him today his blood work was perfect and the leukemia could barely be detected. First I have to praise God and thank you for your work. Thank Shariraye for making me believe in your products.

    Eliza EddyI

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