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Testimonials - Cancer / Tumors



Dandelion Green Elixir - Gods Miracle Herb

We used the Try Blue Organic Dandelion Elixir when we found out my husband had bladder tumors that were malignant and chemo was unavailable due to shortage!! After the dandelion use, he was free of cancer!!!

Dandelion Green Elixir - For My Husband
The dandelion is for my husband since they told him about a cancerous lump in his lungs. He seems to be breathing a bit easier lately but we haven't had a new x-ray yet to see if it did anything about stalling or shrinking it.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Unbelievable!
Since I have been taking Black Cumin elixir, my skin cancer has disappeared!!! Just saying, unbelievable! I feel great!!

Dandelion Greens Elixir - Working so far
Bought it for our dog who has cancer lumps. They are shrinking. thank you

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - SAVED MY DOG
My small dog had a tumor, which protruded his spine. The doctor stated he needed to be put down, but my husband did not give up and brought him home. I knew about the benefits of the Black Cumin Seed so I started to give to him. He has totally healed, no protruding spine, and he is back to normal. Thank you!

Bought this for various health reasons, but right now for the anti-cancer properties as well as other elixirs that help. Currently going through chemo and adding holistic plan of my own with an integrated oncologist approval and help. Adding in this elixir and others in the brand and other things, I have dropped the levels quicker than the Dr.'s expected and within range of surgery. I will keep all this up after I win this battle and pray I can fend off any further cancer issues. So far, I have to say this is helping!

Been taking this for a couple of months now morning and night. The caveat that got me to start taking this is that it is said to help kill Cancer cells. With Cancer in my family history, anything I can do besides eating non processed food and fresh food, works for me. It has other properties to help with vitamins and immunity...and so far I'm feeling confident this is helping.

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