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Testimonials - Diabetes

Dandelion Greens Elixir
I have been using Dandelion elixir for about two weeks. It is great! It has helped with bringing down my numbers for diabetes and it has helped regulate my bowels. I even bought one for my niece to try. Thank you
Black Cumin Seed Elixir  - For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend started taking the black cumin seed elixir 5 weeks ago. His blood sugar levels went down and his blood pressure readings have gone down since he is taking the black cumin seed elixir. I took him off his diabetes med and I am hoping to take him off his blood pressure med soon. I was looking for a natural remedy for his blood sugar and blood pressure and now I have found one. He feels so much better now and he is happy with the results.

Fennel Seed ElixirHelps blood circulation and eliminates sore feet and joints caused by diabetesI have diabetes and have noticed since using the fennel seed extract three times a day for several days I don’t have any pain or swelling in my feet or the joint stiffness that was constant.

Fennel Seed Elixir - Helps eyes  I'm a type one diabetic and unfortunately have had several eye issues. Since i began using Fennel Seed Elixir my eyes have been better and have not declined as my eye had warned. Thank GOD!


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  • In regards to Roxanne Escamilla. My boyfriend takes the Black Cumin Seed Elixir 2 times a day, in the morning and evening. He was still taking his Diabetes med for the first 3 weeks and then I started gradually taking him off the Diabetes med. 1 pill every other day, then 1 pill every 2 days and then 1 pill every three days and so on and it was stopped. By the 5th week he was only taking the Black Cumin Seed Elixir. 2 weeks after that he had blood work done and his A1C was at 6.7, my main concern was to get his A1c below 7.0 and his blood work confirmed that. I test his blood sugar everyday and his A1C is now at 6.5, so his Diabetes is under control. I hope this will be of help to you. Best Wishes!

    Deborah Nordan
  • Hi Roxanne,
    I have reached out to Deborah, who wrote the testimonial, and asked her to respond to you on this page. If she happens to respond to my email…I will share it here with you!

  • The comment above that was from a lady regarding the Black Cumin seed elixir , I’m just wondering what process she used to help her boyfriend get off his diabetic medication. Did he continue his meds along with the elixir ? I would love to be free from meds.

    Roxanne Escamilla

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