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Testimonials - Energy Boost

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - Love the products
I am currently taking wild stinging nettle three times a day. I also take black cumin seed and colloidal silver. I love the products and for a 76 year old woman, I feel better and have more energy. My only concern is I wish they would get all the droppers with white tops. They are the only ones that work. I have tried everything but the black top ones are useless.

White Pine Needle Elixir

The product is fine, in combination with three other natural supplements that I'm taking, I feel as if the inflammation has reduced greatly and my struggle with blood pressure being high has gone down to normal.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Love This
It has helped my overall health. I am 83 years young. Have energy and no more vertigo. Able to garden again.

White Pine Needle Elixir - Awesome
Could feel the change in one day. Moore energy. My shoulders didn't hurt. I feel confident enough now go go around people with the jab. Pine needle elixir.

White Pine Needle Elixir - Wonderful
This product cleared my respiratory and sinus issues quickly. I am going thru physical therapy on my knee and I am around a lot of "exposure" to the techs and nurses. I was concerned about the many times a week I am there and how much time I spend with rehab. Since I have been using the product I feel more energy and much less congested. I don't have a raspy voice and my sinuses are not full. Thank you

Dandelion Greens Elixir - More energy
Since I've been taking the Dandelion Green Elixer I feel better & have more energy. I'm 65 & I'm able to keep fairly active most of the day. I just had my bloodwork done & I'm hoping I see some improvement in my overall health. I plan to reorder.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - This product does miracles for me

Love this product. Since taking it regularly morning and evening 1/2 a ml my BP is back to normal. Sleep much better - all through the night so I have more energy the next day. Your product is truly wonderful. Thank you so much, keep up the good work on all these natural products.

Colloidal Silver - Hunger and cravings subsided
This product is amazing! I’ve never felt more focus in my life. I have more energy and hardly any cravings.

Star Anise Elixir - Starts My Morning Off Right
I have been taking Star Anise every morning for several months now. I absolutely love it. It tastes like licorice which I love and it gives me energy throughout the day. I have read a lot about the benefits of Shikimic acid which has strong anti viral capabilities and is one of the the ingredients in the treatment for influenza. I believe this is why when my family was down for weeks with Cov.19 I had mild symptoms for only 3 days. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. So many good benefits from this!

Star Anise Elixir - Great!
I’ve only been taking for a few weeks but I have noticed that I feel better, my mind is more clear and focus, and I feel a little more energy.

Colloidal Silver - Increased energy
Colloidal Silver has given me a boost of energy..before I was sluggish n taking up to 3 naps a day! Now every once in awhile a short nap if busy schedule.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Satisfied customer
Wanted to wait a little before sending in a review to see what true results I was getting. On our second bottle of the black cumin seed and have definitely seen some changes. We are definitively sleeping better at night which increases the energy level that we have during the day. Helping my husband with bowel movements. I am seeing improvement with some skin issues I have had and it also seems to be helping with the inflammation in my knees. We both agreed that this is a wonderful product and being in our 70s, anything that helps us feel better is a true blessing. Trying to stay healthy and fit with natural products. Thank you!

Packed Purple Elixir - Love Try Blue!!
I currently take all products that Try Blue offers. I have noticed more energy and have been healthier by improving habits and getting more knowledgeable by researching. Thank you

White Pine Needle Elixir
I love the white pine needle. I take it twice a day. I currently am taking everything Try Blue has to offer. I do have more energy and sleep much better.

Fennel Seed Elixir - Fennel
I have more energy and am happy with results. I have recommended it to several people as we have all had vaccines even if I did not take the vaxx.

Star Anise Elixir - Good stuff
My overall wellness has improved especially energy and mood

Star Anise Elixir - Excellent!
I feel more energy and overall more vitality. I feel it is protecting me from the viral shedding.


  • Thank you Sandy! So glad you are being helped and posted this to help others!

  • I started taking Colloidal Silver a week ago. I am diabetic and have bladder infections occasionally, and since on this elixir I am much better and probably will not need a doctor visit!! So happy! Also have seasonal allergies and the Wild Stinging Nettle is helping me tremendously instead of using Flonase all the time!! I intend to order more of the products as soon as I can!! Thank goodness I found this website and the great products!!

    Sandy Collins

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