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Testimonials - HeartBurn


Licorice Root Elixir ~ Very Good Quality
Awesome product! Helped my heartburn in about 15-20 mins after taking it. After the 3rd day I haven’t had heartburn the rest of the week.

Star Anise Elixir ~ Great Product
I have been taking this for two weeks now and it truly has helped the heartburn I have been having after eating spicy foods. I know it is beneficial for a lot of things and I will be ordering more.

Colloidal Silver ~ A True Healing Product
When Spring comes, I always experience sinus infection. I don't take any western medicine just herbs and essential oil but it doesn't fully help me with my sinus problem. I start taking the colloidal silver the other day. I take it after each meal (3x/day). After a day of taking colloidal silver, my sinus infection went away and I feel great. My husband starts taking it today and he has a really bad cough esp upon waking up in the morning and constant heartburn. He has been taking anti-acid medicine. After taking colloidal, he found a relief right away. He consumed bottles and bottles of anti-acid and it looks like his more than 20 years of heartburn problem with prescription drugs from several doctors but no relief, He finally found a relief from Colloidal Silver. Next in line is my son who has a severe food allergy and eczema. He will try the colloidal silver after dinner tonight. I will be purchasing a bottle or 2 of Colloidal Silver. OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS - THANK YOU TRY BLUE.

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