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Testimonials - Inflammation

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir Great pain reliever

After a couple of doses, I don't feel any pain associated with inflammation caused by my autoimmune disease. It's great.

White Pine Needle Elixir

The product is fine, in combination with three other natural supplements that I'm taking, I feel as if the inflammation has reduced greatly and my struggle with blood pressure being high has gone down to normal. 

Black Cumin Seed Elixir The best

Love the Black Cumin seed elixir. My body feels better. Don’t feel as much pain caused by inflammation. Take the elixir every morning. Will buy this again. Was concerned if I would like the vodka in it. Doesn’t taste bad. Glad I purchased.

I am currently using Star Anise/White Pine Needle. I noticed using the white pine needle has helped the inflammation from my arthritis among other benefits.

White Pine Needle Elixir Good product

I have been using this for about 2 weeks. It seems to be working for me so far. An additional perk of this elixir was I noticed reduced inflammation in my arthritic hip. It has been giving me trouble for months. Since taking this elixir the pain has really lessened. Wasn't expecting that!! The taste is very mild and sort of pleasant.

I suffer with inflammation and I thought I would give this product a try. I was happily surprised that it helped my inflammation to the point that I didn’t need to take water pills anymore.

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  • Hi Miriam,
    I apologize for the late response but better late than never? lol
    We put together our Spikes Away Bundle to help those who inadvetantly took the shot or decided to be tested. These may help your grandson.

    Joni @ TryBlue
  • My grandson, 18 years old, has had thecovid shot.He has been diagnosed with pericarditis . He has rapid heart rate and pain. Are there any oils to help get this shot stuff out of his body. They have checked his heart and everything checked out ok. Thanks please help

  • I have had great results using Stinging Nettle. It has provided relief from occasional nasal drip. I take it as needed. I also have found that taking it before going to bed relieves the mucus buildup in my throat. Great stuff!

  • Joanette I am having the same problem after a PCR test in 2021 . I was not vaccinated . I had to test for covid because of a
    surgical procedure. I did not know at the time that the PCR test has numerous vaccines in the nasal test. I too have not been able to make sentences. I feel like a 4 year old. I am 70. Thank goodness my husband is very patient and he fills in my blanks.
    The test DESTROYED my penal gland. The fluid from the penal gland came gushing out of my eyes and nose. I had to sit in the parking lot of the hospital before I could drive home. Over the next few years I have been eating foods to help me get stronger and detoxing my body. I have plastic things growing in my nostrils and plastic protruding from my ear. i have been a “energizer bunny” all my life. That test changed so much for me and my husband. Good luck to you . Try Blue products have been wonderful for me and my husband. God bless you.

  • I am shocked to find out about my demise from a usually active brain and the ability of my brain…. I am going to read as much as I can about the failure of my ability to string together a sentence and how it is related possibly to the Covid virus I had in 2020……I have not had any vaccines,but I’m really hoping to return to myself


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