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Testimonials - Dogs / Pets


Black Cumin Seed Elixir - SAVED MY DOG
My small dog had a tumor, which protruded his spine. The doctor stated he needed to be put down, but my husband did not give up and brought him home. I knew about the benefits of the Black Cumin Seed so I started to give to him. He has totally healed, no protruding spine, and he is back to normal. Thank you!

Colloidal Silver - The Miracle Worker

My min pin was losing weight and I thought she was going to leave the earth plane. Ellie will not take medicine so decided to spray her food with colloidal silver and put some in her drinking water. After 4 days she was eating, drinking fluids and gaining a little weight. I am thankful for this miracle product and more days with my favorite pooch. I highly recommend colloidal silver for humans and pets!!

TryStarter - Money well invested
I decided to try the starter pack to invest in my health and my dogs health. I have not been disappointed. I’ve only tried the colloidal silver and the stinging needle which is extremely strong.
Just love the colloidal silver and feel it has definitely helped my dog with gall bladder problems and helped me with bladder issues. Another dog was vomiting and within 1/2 hour after giving her a half dropper of CS she was ready to eat and kept the food down.
I have ordered more of both of these products and gave my sister some to try on her kitties hard to heal sore on neck. The other oils make me feel secure knowing I will be prepared for the winter month ailments. A satisfied customer.

Colloidal Silver - Love your dog.
I bought this for my service dog. It seems he's allergic to everything! He used to chew his paws till they bled at times. Since using the silver to keep his paws clean, he has been on the path to recovery.

Colloidal Silver
Noticed the distention in my abdominal area is down, seeing + results, also taking dandelion green. I have also used this on any red areas, give to my dog and use on her irritated skin problems and seems to help

Dandelion Greens Elixir - Dandelion Elixir for our dogs
Our dogs love the dandelion elixir. We give it to them to maintain healthy livers and to combat possible cancer in one of them.

Dandelion Greens Elixir  - Working so far
Bought it for our dog who has cancer lumps. They are shrinking. thank you

Dandelion Greens Elixir  - Delicious
It tastes delicious and I’m very hopeful it is helping protect my family.
I have been adding it to my dogs food since they need protection as well.
Thanks for such a yummy product.


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