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Testimonials - Sinus / Sinuses / Breathing / Lungs / Congestion


Colloidal Silver - I Love Colloidal Silver 20-22ppm.
Great results with a sinus infection/cold. I took 1tsp. Approximately every 6 to 8 hrs. 11days. Much quicker than people who had boosters upwards of 7 weeks with colds/sinus Infections.

White Pine Needle Elixir - Goodbye Sinusitis
I have to admit that I was skeptical about using the pine tree extract. I was dealing with chronic sinusitis. I feel so much better after 3 weeks of using the extract. A friend suggested your product because I was vaccinated(mandatory at employment). Still do not understand the negative affects from being vaxed. But I will continue the extract twice daily.

TryStarter - Awesome
I have been taking my products since October 12….and have noticed a big difference in my body…I have very little problem with my sinuses….am able to sleep good….and also had blood work done because the doctor said I was a diabetic….all of my numbers are down and I feel so much better….this stuff is truly amazing and I will continue taking them.

Colloidal Silver - Prevention
I've been taking one teaspoon of Colloidal silver a day for approximately one and 1/2 months. I started it because I felt something coming on, sinus related, and I am surrounded by the "vaxed" triple and flu shot. People I work with were getting "covid" AGAIN. I do take other supplements as well. But I truly feel that the Colloidal Silver is a perfect preventative. I will continue with this regiment.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - it seems to calm and relax me for sleep, and it does help with nightly leg cramps as well. I forgot to add that it helps my allergies and sinuses too.

White Pine Needle Elixir - i bought this product for my brother who had some health issues and was on dialysis. He got the vaccine a few months ago and i begged my family members not too. He has rapidly gone down hill with everything imaginable. Every other week he's been hospitalized for different things. I took white pine needle elixir to him with the quercetin and begged him to take it because of it's shikimic acid that kills off the toxins in the vaccine. He said no..... The product was sitting waiting for him. So i decided to take it for my allergies and sinuses problems it it has been amazing! in two days my symptoms have been relieved as long as i take it along with the quercetin. Which is what was recommended. I don't know if people really know what this elixir does but it is anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. That's why i bought it for my brother who is once again hospitalized and i fear is dying. I have ordered another bottle and will continue to do so as i have allergies all year long just about. i highly recommend it to anyone especially the vaxed.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - I been taking wild for a month and it seems to help my sinuses

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir - I like it so far. My sinus have been less congested and it maybe helps my lower back pain, I have two bulging disks so it helps relieve the pain somewhat.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - 2nd dose?
When I feel my throat getting scratchy or my sinuses running, I put a dropper dose under my tongue and the next day or so realized I didn't do a second dose of it because it had cleared up

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir
The stinging nettle has helped my sinuses, which is wonderful, since I use a Bipap machine, and it causes them to flair up. I have arthritis starting in my fingers and hoping it will stop that from inflaming. (Always in the night) Thank you for your products. I will be reordering. Do you suggest something else for arthritis?

Colloidal Silver - Excellent.
I had the worst sinus/ saliva gland infection and after 3 rounds of antibiotics, catscan, Ent visit and dental visit, nothing helped until I started taking this. I love your products. Thanks for lowering price. Still waiting to take Black cumin seed. Can I take this with the Collidial silver?

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Keeping Well
I believe black cumin seed is really helping with congestion and sinus issues!!! I am keeping well with taking it, especially when I come home from being around people in stores, etc. Thank you Try Blue!

Fennel Seed Elixir ~ Black Cumin Seed Elixir ~ Dandelion Greens Elixir - Perfecta trifecta?
I have been using three of the Try-Blue elixirs. The Fennel Seed, Black Cumin Seed, and the Dandelion. I don't know if the benefits I am seeing is because of one, or the combo of all three. Usually when we move into spring my sinuses are a source of misery. To the point that they are swollen, and affect my teeth, causing them not to fit together normally for chewing, and to ache. Not so this year. Not even a twinge of pain. I still have some slight allergy symptoms, but nothing serious. Who knows, maybe with continued use even those will dimmish!

Colloidal Silver - A True Healing Product
When Spring comes, I always experience sinus infection. I don't take any western medicine just herbs and essential oil but it doesn't fully help me with my sinus problem. I start taking the colloidal silver the other day. I take it after each meal (3x/day). After a day of taking colloidal silver, my sinus infection went away and I feel great. My husband starts taking it today and he has a really bad cough esp upon waking up in the morning and constant heartburn. He has been taking anti-acid medicine. After taking colloidal, he found a relief right away. He consumed bottles and bottles of anti-acid and it looks like his more than 20 years of heartburn problem with prescription drugs from several doctors but no relief, He finally found a relief from Colloidal Silver. Next in line is my son who has a severe food allergy and eczema. He will try the colloidal silver after dinner tonight. I will be purchasing a bottle or 2 of Colloidal Silver. OH WHAT A RELIEF IT IS - THANK YOU TRY BLUE.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir
It doesnt really have a taste to me as far as helping me I am not sure of what to expect but we are all for things that are good for us and this seems to have a number of things that can help you while taking .I will take as I am normally very constipated have been for 20 plus years hopefully this is helping me. Seems to have helped my sinus problems as its pollen season here in NC and I am not as bad as usual.

White Pine Needle Elixir - Sinus/Allergy relief
The white pine needle really helped with my constant sneezing and runny nose. Only take once at night before bed and sleep very well.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - My Thoughts
I received this a week after I came down with a sinus infection still had my taste and smell and no fever contain to my sinus area but was starting to cough and started taking it it help but 2 weeks later I still draining , I know it got me better but still not 100 percent will order more and once I get better I will have it from day 1.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Amazingly potent elixirs!!!
I started taking the Black Cumin seed with the Organic Dandelion potent extracts a few weeks ago and they cleared the mucous that accumulated in my sinuses and chest

White Pine Needle Elixir - It really is to soon for a full review.
I have noticed my sinus problems seem to be getting better and I am coughing up flem sp breathing getting easier.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir ~ Star Anise Elixir - Black Cumin and Star Anise
Started with the Star Anise for my husband,after being sick, he had a cough that would not go away. Two weeks later,not more cough. The Black Cumin got rid of the sinus headaches that would not quite after getting sick. 2 weeks later no headaches. Both excellent products.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Black Cumin Seed
Got very sick in December. As I went through the stages of the sickness, it settled in my sinuses like a head cold/sinus infection. I went to the Dr., after being sick for three weeks, no help there, and I would not let them Covid test me. I decided to try the black cumin seed since it is like a natural Ivermectin. I am better, but still don't have my taste back and my sense of smell is still somewhat diminished. I continue to use the black cumin seed three times per day along with my other supplements, as I am hoping it will continue to improve the residual effects of my taste and smell loss. Thank you for making this product.

Star Anise Elixir
Dear Try Blue. I asked my daughter, who lives in Ohio, if she had any positive response to the Try Blue Star Anise Elixir She said that she’s had a sinus cold for nearly 2 months and was not able to get rid of it no matter what she tried and since shortly after getting the elixir it is gone.

White Pine Needle Elixir - White Pine Needle
I have ordered this product twice and I feel as though my sinuses and my lungs are clearing out. I just want to make sure that I receive the alcohol based products instead of the water based.

White Pine Needle Elixir - Helping my sinuses!
I bought this to protect myself as I work in a hospital, however pleasantly surprised with how this is helping with sinus congestion!

White Pine Needle Elixir - Wonderful
This product cleared my respiratory and sinus issues quickly. I am going thru physical therapy on my knee and I am around a lot of "exposure" to the techs and nurses. I was concerned about the many times a week I am there and how much time I spend with rehab. Since I have been using the product I feel more energy and much less congested. I don't have a raspy voice and my sinuses are not full. Thank you.

White Pine Needle Elixir ~ Dandelion Greens Elixir ~ Star Anise Elixir - Review of products
I have been taking the Dandelion, Pine Needle and Star Anise elixirs and they are clearing my sinuses and it seems my chest. I probably am in contact with vaxed people but make a point of not spending any length of time with them. My biggest concern was flyjng from Boston to Denver and back at the beginning of November to visit my daughter, hence my taking these elixirs!

Star Anise Elixir - Fabulous and effective product
I was unsure if this would work, but was I surprised that it did! Got it for detoxing and it works so well, and really cleared my sinuses. Surprised that it works like a great laxative. It’s gentle too. I find dandelion too caustic for my system but this is gentle and great. I have a relative that lived a healthy life to age 95 and she ate a lot of both anise and star anise!!! Thanks for such a wonderful product, and am recommending to all that I know to get it!

Star Anise Elixir - Great Product
I am on my second bottle I feel so much better and my sinus and allergies doing so much better..! I am taking it since I took the jabs and did not know any better then .. But now I know better and hope this helps my immune system fight what ever is in the jabs.

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir
I have had great results using Stinging Nettle. It has provided relief from occasional nasal drip. I take it as needed. I also have found that taking it before going to bed relieves the mucus buildup in my throat. Great stuff!


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