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Testimonials - Cough

Colloidal Silver / Black Cumin Seed Elixir - Helped My Annoying Cough

I had been battling an annoying cough and after taking a popular over the counter cold medicine w/cough suppressant for several weeks, I tried using the combination of Colloidal Silver and Black Cumin Seed. It very quickly took my cough away! My annoying cough was gone

TryStarter - Great products

Was very impressed with all of the products. I was had a very bad cough that nothing seemed to touch. Within a couple of days the cough was gone. Love these products.

Been taking this morning and night daily. Left it home during vacation and got sick 3 days before we headed home after a total of 13 days. I have been taking it daily since I got back and feel it helped shorten the awful cough I had with the bronchitis.

Colloidal Silver - Terrific

Since using product it has cleared up a Dry Cough that I had. I'm very pleased with this item.

I caught a cough from our two granddaughters cold . I dosed 1 dropper full and within a very short period of time, ie. 1/2 hour -1 hour, I started to noticed measurable results ! Upon researching all the benefits it offers, I will be taking this daily!
Thank you for offering such a wonderful natural product!

It's wonderful. I got covid somewhere and the Black Cumin Seed healed me quickly and most of all it got rid of the cough. I kept taking it long after I felt better mainly for the cough and it worked.

Dandelion Greens Elixir - Love It

Love the Dandelion Elixir!!! I had this annoying chest cough going on and using the elixir has helped tremendously. I will definitely be investing in other products!!!

The Star Anise h2o has helped my husband recover from a major cough related issue when he became ill. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product!

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