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Seems to work well,,

Taste good, works well..

Burdock Root Elixir
Jackie bechtel
Arthritic Pain and stiffness

With starting out taking small amounts to be sure of no adverse effects. I have noticed that the pain and stiffness of arthritis in my hands has lessened and even the mucus of my allergies has lessened. I am going to up my dosage now.

Packed Purple Elixir
Sherrie Cartee
Great product

I really like this product!!!

Review Colloidal Silver

Good morning.
I started taking Colloidal silver in October 2022. I take it every morning. I take my 3-oz cup, fill it with water, add 1 measure of Colloidal silver (about 1/2 tsp.), one measure of anise, and one measure of Packed purple. I take first drink, then fill it with water, another drink, then fill with water again. I do this a few times. In December, while in Peru, I had a cold. The cough lasted about 3 weeks, I didn't notice any difference from colds, I had previously experienced. At this point, I cannot tell any difference in my well-being.
Thank you,
Arnie Hopkins

How to use it

Still figuring out how to use it,dosages and can it help me best. I have been very pleased with all the other products I have purchased from you, I'm sure it will be the same with the colloidal Silver


All of the elixirs that I have tried are excellent including Colloidal Silver. My husband had an old injury from 40 yrs ago that wouldn't heal and it's gone. I use it a preventative.

Packed Purple Elixir
Barbara Kraus
Love Try Blue!!

I currently take all products that Try Blue offers. I have noticed more energy and have been healthier by improving habits and getting more knowledgeable by researching. Thank you

Great pain reliever

After a couple of doses, I don't feel any pain associated with inflammation caused by my autoimmune disease. It's great.


Got really sick while taking it...Not sure how though??? Felt like the flu...stopped taking it felt better...

Giving it time

Broken my back severely in April 2022. I am on my second bottle to give it time before judging it seriously.

i like the products

I've been using it for and few months and i like it hadn't had any issues.

Star Anise Elixir
Cynthia Hoyer
Star Anise elixir

I really like the Star Anise, I take it daily and it gives me comfort to know that it protects against Vaccine shedding. I’m grateful for this product.,

great pruduct

tried the silver and so far no complaints, thank you

Love all products!!!

I have been taking TryBlue products for almost 6 months. I have notice a change in my overall health. I would definitely recommend these products!

Black cumin

Love it.

White Pine Needle Elixir
Lauralee Zelesnak Lees
Powerful Immune Support!

My husband and I have noticed a strength in our immunity since taking the White Pine Needle Elixir and are taking it as a trio with Organic Dandelion Greens Elixir and Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir; an A+!

Organic Dandelion Green Elixir
Lauralee Zelesnak Lees
Powerful Immune Support!

My husband and I have noticed a strength in our immunity since taking the Organic Dandelion Green Elixir and you receive an abundant amount!

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir
Lauralee Zelesnak Lees
Powerful Immune Support!

My husband and I have noticed a strength in our immunity since taking the Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir!

Star Anise Elixir
Becky Schultz
Star Anise in water and in vodka

I have tried both versions of Star Anise. I like them both. I received the water version free from TryBlue and I re-ordered the vodka version. I'm taking this to kill the spike protein from the covid jab. I also take the dandelion greens the black cumin seed and the wild stinging nettle. They all help my allergies.

🎵TryBlue… I need you!🎷(Try Me)🎵

TryBlue products is like the James Brown song classic, Try Me. Yes… really! I need it by my side. I’ve started using Pine Needle first last year for immunity boosting, and I’ve felt it has worked for me. I strive for health and wellness daily. It’s a great addition to my meds and supplements. I’ve tried some of the others as well with good results. Colds don’t last too long these days. I’m ordering more Colloidal Silver on subscription basis for maintenance. Thank you TryBlue team for turning me on to your products and Shariraye for promoting the product! HEYYY, I FEEL GOOD!

Have only been on it for 30 days but I can tell I am not as congested as I was before I started it. Very happy with it!! Will continue to take it.


This is a great product and has so many benefits!! Who knew that God gave us these in our own back yard!!!


We are in our 80’s. Your elixirs along with vitamins/supplements are keeping us healthy. (We take no prescribed medications). 😄
The Walks

Strong nails

I started taking stinging nettle after I broke my arm and continue to take it because my hair and nails growing fast and strong.