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Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir
Judith Breckenridge
Not Sure

I cannot really tell as yet if it helps with my R.A. or not. I know it is a good thing to take!

works good

like product . help pain ,

Colloidal Silver works!

I have been using colloidal silver to help with my tooth and gum sensitivity and also to help with digestion. I am seeing improvement and will continue to use it! Now I plan to add some to water for storage. Thanks for a great product!

Highly effective!

I know it's working and we enjoy taking it. When you take it, you know it's potent and we love it. As Senior Citizens, we know we're doing the right thing putting our money in worthy things!

No more Allergy Nose

I bought this product because I have seasonal allergies and wondered if this product would help. Much to my delight, whenever my allergies start running down my nose, I use this product, and all is well!


Good taste with great results! I am sold! Thanks and keep the great products coming!

I love the product it helped with my allergies tremendously!!

Good stuff!

My husband and I both take it faithfully. I feel so much better after we take it. I know it's doing us both a lot of good because we're senior citizens and we feel great being in our 70's. Thank you for this great product. I've already order my seconde bottle.

Fennel Seed Elixir
bryan golis

If I start feeling like I might be getting a little sick I take this before I go to bed and wake up feeling fine

Black Cumin Seed Elixir
Deborah Nordan
For My Boyfriend

My boyfriend started taking the black cumin seed elixir 5 weeks ago. His blood sugar levels went down and his blood pressure readings have gone down since he is taking the black cumin seed elixir. I took him off his diabetes med and I am hoping to take him of his blood pressure med soon. I was looking for a nature remedy for his blood sugar and blood pressure and now I have found one. He feels so much better now and he is happy with the results.

Love the product plus others. Going to order more right now. Thanks for reminding me.

Great buy

I appreciate nature's medicine in a bottle ready to be taken quickly. I feel great with my white pine needle extract and am so happy this is available to the public.

Fennel Seed Elixir
Gail Custer
Fennel Seed

I tried the black cumin seed, the white pine needle, and now the feñnel seed. I like them all. I plan to save up and try to get one of your sets. I like fennel seed the best so far.

White Pine Needle Exixir

I like this one because it protects against DNA damage. I also like the Shikimic Acid because it is an anti-parasitic, boosts hair growth,fights cancer, reduces acne and fights wrinkles, aids in weight loss, and detocks liver and kidneys.

Like the product but its expensive

I love your product but can't afford it anymore. I been using it for my serious health problem. I got to a point my body was shutting down thanks to my friend that order it for me I started to notice my body was getting better and didn't feel weak. Started to move more and started to eat more too. I was at a point that my body couldnt take anymore since I have lots of health problem but slowly I getting better thanks to God and your product. Sorry I can afford it anymore.


I bout the water-based elixir and it's "okay," but not nearly as strong as I thought it would be. I make tea on my own with star anise and it's WAY stronger. I was not going to leave a negative review but their bot kept nagging me, so here it is.


Return customer for ever, Try Blue can be trusted real medicine for real people.


Since trying all the products I've ordered, my true opinion as a AO Vietnam vet is, it works! with no side effects I even have my wife on it she's my caregiver that see's the relief & now gets relief herself, better then what VA gives me & I will continue knowing the relief it gives me till our whole medical system & VA can be updated & retrained, thank you , Try Blue.

Game changer

This has truly been a game changer for me. After the age of 70, the digestive system slows down. I have had a few issues for several months. Colloidal silver has made a huge difference. After a few days, I began to notice some positive changes. After three weeks, my stomach issues have been completely resolved. I am also taking fennel seed. The star anise and white pine needle are also a must when I am around vaccinated people. Try Blue products are changing my life for the good.

White Pine Needle Elixir
kathleen OGrady

i bought this product for my brother who had some health issues and was on dialysis. He got the vaccine a few months ago and i begged my family members not too. He has rapidly gone down hill with everything imaginable. Every other week he's been hospitalized for different things. I took white pine needle elixir to him with the quercetin and begged him to take it because of it's shikimic acid that kills off the toxins in the vaccine. He said no..... The product was sitting waiting for him. So i decided to take it for my allergies and sinuses problems it it has been amazing! in two days my symptoms have been relieved as long as i take it along with the quercetin. Which is what was recommended. I don't know if people really know what this elixir does but it is anti-aging, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. That's why i bought it for my brother who is once again hospitalized and i fear is dying. I have ordered another bottle and will continue to do so as i have allergies all year long just about. i highly recommend it to anyone especially the vaxed....

Lorraine Andersen
Money well invested

I decided to try the starter pack to invest in my health and my dogs health. I have not been disappointed. I’ve only tried the colloidal silver and the stinging needle which is extremely strong.
Just love the colloidal silver and feel it has definitely helped my dog with gall bladder problems and helped me with bladder issues. Another dog was vomiting and within 1/2 hour after giving her a half dropper of CS she was ready to eat and kept the food down.
I have ordered more of both of these products and gave my sister some to try on her kitties hard to heal sore on neck. The other oils make me feel secure knowing I will be prepared for the winter month ailments. A satisfied customer.

Great Product

I ❤️ all the Products from Tryblue that I have purchased!!!.. And the White Pine Needle is good, helps my Whole Body feels Great!!.. THANK GOD FOR TRYBLUE!!.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WITH YOUR PRODUCTS!!.100% SATISFIED 👍

Star Anise Elixir
Treva ONeil
My daughter took the jab

I bought it for my daughter. She is out on her own. I am trying to save her life, or at least postpone the inevitable until a total cure for the horrible jab is available. Thank you for giving me hope!

Terrific ....

Since using product it has cleared up a Dry Cough that I had. I'm very pleased with this item.

All Products

I’ve been taking ALL products for a month now.. Works Great For ME!!!!! 🤗