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Black Cumin Seed Elixir
Jennifer G. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Great Stuff

We take the black cumin everyday! We do not leave home without it and a couple other Try Blur products. They work.

Star Anise Elixir
Kelicia Martz (Orlando, Florida)
Refreshing 🌿

Great quality

Soursop Leaf Elixir
Betty Sockwell (Magnolia, Texas)
Soursop leaf elixir

Bought for my cancer and hoping it keeps my CEA numbers lower. Have purchased 3 other elixirs and too soon to tell

White Willow Bark Elixir
Everlyn Hall-Baker (Charlotte, North Carolina)
Not used yet

I would like to get white pins needles and anise at the best discount. How can that happen ? Your ad was seen with Shari Raye

Has worked very good for me!!

Very good!!

Always love!

Burdock Root Elixir
Barbara W. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Burdock Root is amazing!

Everyone should partake of this blood purifier.
I am thankful for its anti-inflammatory and
antibacterial assistance as well.

White Willow Bark Elixir
Carol Delena (Brooklyn, New York)

Does White Willow Bark or Mullen Leaf elixirs work as a diuretic? White Willow Bark seems to be helpful in the pain I am having.

White Willow Bark Elixir
Teresa Anthney (Rochester, Washington)
Love my TryBlue products

I use Licorice root, dandelion greens, and white willow bark all work great! Thank you TryBlue👍

Great product

Great product

It’s Great

Excellent product!


It’s is excellent
Thanks !

Just got this one still in early stages,

A must have. Wild Chaga Elixir is a great product. It took a few weeks but seeing great results now.

Wild Nettle Elixir is a great product. It took a few weeks but seeing great results now.

I can’t imagine not having Silver before in my life. You have to have this in your medicine cabinet. It works great also on scalp and minor cuts or scrapes. The heal lightning fast.

Fennel Seed Elixir is a great product. It took a few weeks but seeing great results now.

Colloidal Silver - Immune Support
Becky Wilburn (San Antonio, Texas)
Colloidal silver.

I like it... along with other Tryblue products I take them every two days now and my energy is up. Plus I feel great. I used it on toe nail fungus and it's clearing it up. Great product!

Wild Stinging Nettle Elixir
Jennifer G. (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Allergy problems?

The Wild Stinging Nettle has helped my husband and our grandson with their allergies. We are so very pleased with this product!

Great product and helps detox

Colloidal Silver - Immune Support
Anita Hartman (San Jose, California)

Use it for itchy eyes