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white pine needle

I purchased the White Pine needle to use as soon as I learned it helped against viruses. I have stayed well, so I assume it is doing its job. I also purchased Dandelion and Fennel Seed elixir to my daily intake. I add it to my silver colloidal and take a shot every day. (instead of alcohol), lol. I wasn't sick, so, I can't state that it got me well, only that it has helped keep me from getting sick. I am continuing to purchase as part of my daily supplements to stay healthy!

William Derick
My wife has been using some true-blue products.

My wife has made me a believer. I can not believe the difference.

Black Cummin Elixir

I beleive I have felt some relief, time will tell. So far extremely happy with the product.

Cumin (black)Seed Elixer

I took the cumin seed Elixer for the past week now and I have to admit that I did not have as much of a problem with my I.B.S. when I consumed a pizza with green peppers and onions. This also gives me a burst of energy in the morning to get ready for work. I can't get anything like this around by me. Would be nice to have a health store around here with these products. Maybe in the future this would be good for expanding to other areas. Would also like good products we can use on pets instead of spending so much money to take them to a vet. I will most likely order again. Thank you very much.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir
gary fulkerson

Am happy with the BLACK CUMIN SEED ELIXER. Yesterday, for the first ime in a while, was able to work in the yard w/o getting tired too soon. I contribute this to the elixer. Not sure if this is what did it but, can't deny it either.

Black Cumin Seed Elixir
Shirley Shoopman
Black seed

I do like your products , especially star anise. However the prices are just too high for me .


When you reach a certain age like myself just turned 69 yrs old, my digestive system slows down and I feel bloated right away after eating or stomach pain. If I overeat sweets (I'm a chocoholic) I started to itch all over my body (I was diagnosed borderline for diabetes but it's still ok according to my doctor). When I started taking a full drop of Dandelion 3 x /day under my tongue about a week or so ago, I noticed I stop having the bloated feeling after eating, and my digestion is much better. Now when I eat sweets it doesn't give me the itch problem that I used to experience & my skin doesn't turn red anymore. But I still have to control my chocoholic problem. The most important is. twice the mammogram technician told me that they need to re-do my mammo 'cause they found something. Then they retrieve it back --- just fat tissue. Although I feel some pain sometimes but not often. Now that I'm taking the dandelion, I don't experience the pain and I feel more safe.. l Love your product(s)

Good Health is GOLD

I am 72 years old. My health has never been better. I have not had more than a sniffle in over 2 years since I’ve been using TryBlue products. I made a few dietary changes and increased exercise as well. Living long is not as important as living healthy.

Star Anise Elixir
S Phillips
Improved Immune System

I have been taking Star Anise for over a year. I have not had any illnesses except for a mild cold and I recovered quickly. I used to be more vulnerable to illnesses.

Star Anise Elixir
Joanne Salvia
Hard to Tell - DEFECTIVE Dropper

To be honest, I’m not certain that I notice any difference. I’m using several elixirs, ANISE, WHITE PINE NEEDLE and DANDELION. I’m mostly concerned with anyone who has been jabbed who is near me and may be shedding. I am trusting you in that these elixirs provide protection from that. I’ve bought several times already and one very annoying problem is the dropper. Many times, I get one that doesn’t work properly. Either I can’t get the dropper full (yes, I know how to use them), and sometimes some bottles are difficult to open and even one dropper was so loose, that it came out of the cap! I think that these products, if they are doing the job, are worth the COSTLY price, but darn, can’t you make certain, for the price, that the dropper isn’t defective? Thanks.

Great able to Ivermectin this way!

Taking Ivermectin this way is easy and I’m feeling great!

Spike protein killer

Last bach received is more biter then the first. I am wondering if it’s the same formula.

Star Anise Elixir
Paula FitzGerald
Star Anise Review

I highly recommend this product! I have been getting restful night sleep this is amazing as I’ve been having trouble for several years. I also take it for the use of shedding. Thank you so much for your product and your other products as well.

taste so bad You Know it works

tatse real bad has to be good.

Just started trying this as taking other tryBlue products

I woke up yesterday congested so am working on detoxing my system now…. I love the other products I have gotten from tryBlue and I don’t feel as bad as it f I hadn’t taken anything at all…
Will update later but love Try Blue!

More Energy

I notice I have more energy since I have been taking the white needle pine elixir. My mood is more up beat and I seem to sleep better now.

For My Boyfriend

After using the dandelion elixir for 2 weeks, he said that he felt a lot better than he usually did and had more energy.

More Energy !!!

My wife and I have used the star anise and alternate with the white pine needles and the both seam to have increased our energy levels
within seven to ten days of use. We will continue our daily dosage as recommended for the products.


I have been taking the dandelion exilir for a couple of months now along with the black cumin exilir and I feel Great. Off the lethal blood pressure medication and my blood pressure is excellent. My only issue is I wish all the exilirs came in H2O I'm not crazy about the alcohol but it works..

Star Anise Elixir
Denise Brockhaus
Star Anise Elixer

Very pricey for the tiny bottle that you get. Doesn't last long.

Colloidol Silver

Love this product and take it every day. It has so many health benefits like antibacterial and anti-inflamatory properties. Thank you!

Fennel Seed Elixir
Brian Chism

Hello I had to quit taking it it was causing me to have severe dizziness I don't think it mixes very well with blood pressure medicine I wish it would have worked but I'll have to just try something else

Colloidal Silver has delivered me from 8 YEARS OF PARASITIC TORMENT!!!!!
After going to 2 dermatology clinics in Houston , having 7 biopsies, consulting a blood pathologist who tested for 6 possible things in my blood (all negative), taking 8 months of Ivermectin( which only helped a little) I gave up to a life of stinging and intense itching all over my body. I could have as many as 30 scans just on one of my lower legs.
Within a few hours of my first dose of Colloidal Silver by TriBlue I got relief and now 3 weeks later the parasites are all suffocating and my bites and scares are almost completely healed!!!
Imagine 8 years of torment and “experts” when this could heal me in a few hours. God bless you TriBlue and Shari Raye, wonderful truther patriot!🕊🕊🕊💕

This has helped me in that I’ve had a annoying cough for several months. Cough has dissipated after taking Black Cumin.

White Pine Needle Elixir
Jennifer McLeod
Highly recommend

I thought the taste would ne awful, but it's perfectly fine. I thought the alcohol would be a bit much for me, but it's hardly noticeable to me. It's a great product and I use it whenever I've had to spend time in close contact with jabbed people.